Workmans Compensation

What is Workman’s Compensation?

Workman’s Compensation is a type of insurance,  instituted by The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act.  It protects employers from civil claims and enables both casual and full – time employees to claim compensation directly from the fund for work-related injuries and disability.    Learn More about McClure HR Consultants 

Workmans Compensation

Do you need to sign up for Workman’s Compensation?

Yes, In terms of the Labour Department’s requirements any employer with one or more employees must register for Workman’s Compensation.

What are the Benefits for the Employee?
  • Medical care for the injury or illness,
  • replacement income,
  • Cost of retraining,
  • Compensation for any permanent injuries,
  • Benefits to dependants/family of workers who are killed on the job
What are the Benefits for the Employer?
  • It can save you from large unexpected medical bills (which in small SME’s would normally to huge cash flow implications or even bankruptcy.)
  • Tender applications require a letter of good standing which can only be obtained if your workman’s compensation payments are up to date
Important information for the Employer to keep in mind
  • It is your responsibility to re-register your company and pay your annual assessment fee.  Outdated payments means no coverage
  • Different branches with one company may require different  registrations
  • The following workers are excluded from coverage
    • Independent contractors
    • Business Owners
    • Volunteers
    • Employees of private homes
    • Farmers and Farmhands
    • Maritime Employees
    • Railroad Employees
    • Casual Workers
    • Workers totally or partially disabled for less than 3 days
    • Any worker guilty of wilful misconduct, unless they are seriously disabled or killed
    • Anyone employed outside the RSA for 12 or more continuous months
    • Workers working mainly outside the RSA and only temporarily employed in the RSA

Let McClure HR Services take the stress out of managing this process for you.  We can register your business for Workman’s Compensation as well as do your annual Return of Earnings and obtain your Letter of Good Standing (LoGS)

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