Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations Management
Why is Industrial Relations Management Important?  

The most important benefit of industrial relations is that this ensures continuity of production. This means, continuous employment for all employees who contribute to production process.  Learn More about McClure HR Consultants 

Why is Industrial Relations important?

Industrial Relations plays an integral role in society and without it there would soon be chaos. The aim of IR is to create equal opportunity for all genders, colours and creeds. The ultimate responsibility of IR is to break the glass ceiling for the betterment of society as a whole. If IR runs the way it should every person would earn a reasonable living wage, and work in a safe and productive environment.

How IR Specialist Help?
The Employer?  

IR Specialists are trained to observe a working situation and tailor a solution to keep or restore order. This may be settling disputes, whether as a result of misconduct, poor work performance or a disciplinary issue. They can assist in the termination of an employee where appropriate, within the legal requirements.

The Employee?  

IR consultants will help to settle payment disputes and ensure the wages and times worked are in accordance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and relevant bargaining councils.

An IR Consultant is basically a trained mediator to open lines of communication and restore the balance so that business growth is never stunted by bad working relationships

Labour Relations Act and Amendments