Human Resources

Human Resources
Why do you need to outsource your HR Management?  

Outsourcing your Human Resources  creates greater efficiency within human resources systems. Advanced human resources technology utilized by McClure HR help streamline important HR functions, such as payroll, benefit administration and compliance management.  It also reduces the need to employee someone specifically for this purpose and frees up time from those currently managing this functions as a part time role.   Learn Learn More about McClure HR Consultants 

For small to medium businesses

McClure HR  Services’ outsourcing service has been purposely designed to address the needs of Small and Medium sized organisations of between 10 – 500 employees.

A commercially focused and effective alternative for organisations, we are able to offer the full functionality of a human resources department without the additional headcount. We provide a scalable service adapted to our client’s needs and support organisations that already have a human resources capability.  We also partner with organisations that are not quite ready to implement an internal human resources department.

Whether you are a business owner, leader or HR professional, enjoy peace of mind in knowing that McClure HR Services is accountable and will manage potential people risks in your business, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities.

For Large and Corporate Employers

McClure HR Services does not replace what you already have, but merely compliments and enhances your current in-house HR and IR departments by offering tailor made advice and services. 

Often disciplinary investigations are conducted by the HR department and notices to attend issued by the same people.  It then becomes a legal minefield in terms of objectivity during a disciplinary hearing.  McClure HR Services will chair your disciplinary hearings in a free and fair manner and ensure that you, our client, are is not placed at risk.  We also stay abreast of all changes in the labour environment and will be able to assist your HR department with staying up to date.  We also offer a help line for advice. 

McClure HR Services understands that it is not always possible for the HR Manager to be in all places at once.  Therefore, we train, guide and assist your Line Managers to be able to deal with employee matters until such time as HR intervention is required or available.  This includes a helpline for labour related questions and advice.

At McClure HR Services, we also offers advice and assistance in complying with other legal requirements, such as registration with Bargaining Councils, Applications for Exemptions, Letters of Good Standing, Employment Equity and Skills Development reporting and many more.

HR and Policy audits are necessary processes in order to ensure that companies are competitive regarding their people practices.  However, your HR department may not have the time or resources to conduct these audits.  McClure HR Services can  assist and help implement any changes as required.

Why work with us?
Enhance Productivity

Drawing on its extensive human resources and experience, we are able to deliver human resources services efficiently and effectively.

Access to Experts

Our consultants have many decades of experience in a diverse range of human resources backgrounds and skills.

Reduce Risks

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that McClure HR  is accountable and will manage the potential people risks in your business.

Aid Growth

Fast-growing organisations can lack the human resources capacity to deliver essential business objectives. McClure Services is an attractive solution because it can facilitate business growth.