Employment Equity

Employment Equity Consultants
Why do you need an Employment Equity Consultant?  

The Employment Equity act is a policy that applies to all employers and workers which protects against unfair discrimination.  Also  providing a framework for implementing affirmative action.  There are therefore procedures and plans that need to be implemented as well as reports that must be submitted by designated employers, in order to comply with the Department of Labour requirements.  We have a set of skilled consultants that are able to make this an ease you through the process.    Learn More about McClure HR Consultants 

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Employment Equity

It is easy to implement  Employment Equity with the right help.   Non-compliance may lead to a minimum fine of R1.5 million, as has been issued to an increasing number of companies due to non-compliance of reporting requirements.

Our Employment Equity consultants are experts in their fields  and will guide you through the development and implementation of your Employment Equity Plans as well as submission of annual reports to the Department of Labour.

What are your obligations as an Employer?

All Designated and Non-Designated Employers must follow the Employment Equity Act.  A workforce analysis as well as annual reports are to be submitted to the Department of Labour, if you are a designated employer.  Non-designated employers are bound by the founding principles of the Employment Equity Act.

Are you a Designated Employer?

If you employ 50 or more employees or have a total annual turnover above the designated threshold then you are considered a designated employer

What are your obligations as a Designated Employer?
You must implement affirmative action measures for designated groups
  • In order to implement affirmative action you need to do the following:
    • Nominate an Employment Equity Committee and appoint in accordance with the Employment Equity Act,
    • Consult with employees,
    • Conduct an analysis,
    • Prepare an employment equity plan, and
    • Report to the Director-General on progress made in the implementation of the plan.
What does the Department of Labour say on the matter?

You may also  find the below links quite useful:

For a Basic Guide to Employment Equity Plans – Employers must draw up a plan to address equity imbalances

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Basic Guide to Employment  Equity Studies – The act requires employers to conduct studies to identify equity issues